March Campout at Hickory Creek Park

On St. Patrick's Day weekend, the NorthStar Sams went to Hickory Creek Park on Lake Lewisville for rest and relaxation.

The weather was great even though rain was forecast (but never came), we had a good time!

Friday night we went to a nearby Chili's and were joined by prospective members, Greg and Del Duerr. Later, we had lots of conversation around a roaring campfire.

Our Saturday morning meeting was also held around a campfire.

During the lazy afternoon, Steve and Sherry Young went bike-riding on the trails, and others (no names) took naps! Sherry Moran and Pat Foitek went to a local quilt store and later, Pat and Lew played a contentious game of Skip-Bo with the MacPhersons.

Dinner was a St. Patrick's Day celebration with baked potatoes and lots of stuffings, corned beef, Irish soda bread, salad, and three kinds of dessert, including Key Lime Pie. Del Duerr also provided tea and green punch. Pat brought out her bingo set, complete with a "professional" ( aka. plastic) ball dispenser. Brian MacPherson was the first to win. Several games later, we took advantage of the great evening weather and had another campfire.

Sadly there are no pictures of the festivities. Everyone was so busy eating and having a good time, no one remembered to put down their fork and grab a camera.

Sunday was another beautiful day! After a short get-together, people began to leave. Kathy and Dave Helwick stayed longer and waved good-by to everyone.

Hickory Creek Park is definitely a great place to spend a weekend.

The Morans, the Foiteks, the Helwicks, the MacPhersons
Attending, but not shown are the Youngs and the Duerrs


Rigs present included:

the Youngs

the Foiteks

the Helwicks

the MacPhersons

the Morans